NEW PEACE EVENT--November 11th

Prostrations for Peace
Hyde Park Art Center
5020 South Cornell Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60615
773-324-5520 or 847-454-5390
Sunday, November 11 Veteran’s Day, 12 - 4 pm
Please contribute to this community response to the suffering of war. There will be yoga practice, tai chi, peace offerings, prayer flags and more. This is apart of the Consuming War exhibit.

Sunday, November 11, 4 – 5 pm
Geraldine Gorman, RN, PhD, speaks about Emergency, the international relief organization providing treatment to civilian war victims. Donations will be accepted.


Babs said...

Thanks for posting this. I hope lots of people will come and share their thoughts and ideas for fighting this adminstration and its war.

There are some really powerful pieces of art in the show, and Timothy Suh of Alternative Health Group will be leading Tai Chi and yoga practice.

Paula White will set up for people who want to make prayer flags, and there is a collective altar for offerings, notes, and other items representing peace. Artist Ellen Rothenberg will have her "Get Camo Off the Streets" project, so if you have any camoflage patterned clothing, now is the time to turn it in!

Here is a link to some photos of the show, and of the concert for malachi ritscher.

See you on Sunday.


Andrea Rusin said...

Is there a December activity?

Babs said...

Hi Andrea,

The events scheduled for December are 12/5 Talkback: Creating Histories with artists Wafaa Bilal, Adam Brooks, Edra Soto and Dolores Wilber, 6-8pm

and 12/12 Talkback: Buyer Beware with artists Burtonwood & Holmes, Michael Hernandez de Luna, Fred Holland and Ellen Rothenberg.

Also, tomorrow (Nov 28) James Janega, a reporter from the Chicago Tribune, will talk about being embedded in Iraq.

In January, there is another Talkback on the 9th with artists Mary Brogger, Harold Mendez and Paula White, and also a talk on the 16th with Donny George, former head of the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad and artist Michael Rakowitz.

I hope you can make it to some or all of these -- they will be interesting and a good opportunity to participate.


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