Upcoming Peace Events in Chicago

September 21, 2007
Plan NOW to join us on Friday, September 21 in Daley Center Plaza as we celebrate Peace Day in Chicago and the International Day of Peace.
Peace Day includes the Call to Peace and the World Peace Flag ceremony. As each nation's flag is respectfully presented on stage, we join in saying together, "May peace be in [each country, named one-by-one]".
VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! If you would like to carry the flag of one world nation, call The Peace School today at 773.248.7959.

The purpose of the Global Mala Project is to unite the global yoga community from every continent in the world, forming a "mala around the earth" through collective practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108. On September 21st - 23rd, Fall Equinox and the United Nations International Day of Peace, studios, teachers and organizations across the globe will create fundraising celebrations, raising funds and awareness for some of the most essential issues of our times.


Anonymous said...

For ----> "Informational purposes"

Chicago if this haarp thing really cause's Earthquakes, be on alert.
What Happened in China, sounds and
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Anonymous said...

Left out the haarp link

BREAKING NEWS: "Who's Responsible for China's Recent Earthquake, Possible H.A.A.R.P Technology?"


CooperRichardson said...

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