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On behalf of Prostrations for Peace, we wish to thank every one of you for your individual contribution to such an amazing ceremony.

Each person involved helped to cultivate an energy that literally buzzed on the pier, and continued some days later. Events like these are so important for us in this time of suffering, and though we may not feel like we can end the war, it is just as important—perhaps even more important than ever—to be involved in promoting peace, in living peaceably. Although sometimes it feels like we are helpless alone, it is when we join together as a grassroots community that we realize what we can do something. Prostrations for Peace made that a reality for many of us.

The ceremony was covered on Fox News, CLTV, Chicago Public Radio, WLUW, and ABC News. Other people used footage and interviews for documentary and photo essays.

We ended up raising over $700 for EmergencyUSA.

Our website is designed as a forum for peacemaking in Chicago. Please feel free to comment, reflect, and respond to what happened that Sunday. Post links to your photographs, to your peace organizations, to your websites. Post ideas, blogs, prayers, hopes for the future.

We intend to keep updating Prostrations for Peace with upcoming peace events in Chicago, so keep checking and contributing as you wish. We hope to work toward organizing and participating in other peace events in the city.

Again, thank you for making such an important day happen. Keep being the change you wish to see in the world.

Please, post your reactions, upcoming events, reflections, links, and photos to our blog by clicking on "ADD COMMENT" below.


Daniel, Rogers Park said...

This looks wonderful. I'm sorry I missed it. Any chance it'll happen again? Become a regular thing? I could bring myself and friends.

Daniel, Rogers Park

jEssay! said...

We WILL be planning another Prostrations for Peace event in November, this time in Hyde Park. Please check in periodically for details!

jEssay! said...

ALSO: if you are not on our e-mail list, send an e-mail to retrojess@aol.com with the subject "PROSTRATIONS FOR PEACE," so we can add you!

Anonymous said...

Left out the haarp link

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